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DFCA Departmental reports for the Year ending 2019 was officially submitted today to the church administration by Departmental Heads.

the reports emphasize the following:

  1. General activities for the year.
  2. Challenges faced by the Department.
  3. Suggestions and Projections.
  4. Achievements
  5. Goals
  6. Membership Strength.
  7. Conclusion

The meeting was presided by Snr. Pastor Godwin EO Otobrise. During his speech to the workers, he made some salient point and quote:

The success of a ministry just like any other organisation depends largely on developing a strong team with a deep sense of team spirit working, together in unity towards a common goal.

A unified Team works to create Growth.

During the course of the meeting, workers share their thoughts and contributions for the church growth (the way forward) and the meeting ended with Prayer for the Church and Members.

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