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Message: Enjoying Grace For Easiness By Growing In Spiritual Maturity. Reading: Heb 6:1-3, 1 Cor 10:3, Eph 4:13-15.

We Need To Advance In Our Elementary Level By Being Born Again. Just As Parent Wants Their Child To Grow, So As God Wants Us To Grow Spiritually.

Spiritual maturity is the passion you have for Christ and the passion you have to press on for Christ.

It is achievable by becoming more like Christ.

According to Apostle Paul, It is an ongoing process that will never end in Life. (Phil 3 V 15, Act 1v 6-11).

You Can’t Attain Spiritual Maturity Because Of The Following:

– Spiritual maturity is not the number of years you have been a christian

– Spiritual maturity is not whether you are from a Christian family.

– Not because you are married to a Christian

– Not because you are from a Christian community

– Not because you went to a seminary or a Bible College

– Not because you attended a Christian college

– Not because you are a son/daughter of a priest

– Not because you studied C.R.K (Christian religious knowledge) to degree level.

– It is not determined by the number of spiritual gift you posses

– Not by the number of bible scriptures you can quote.

– Spending time with spiritual leaders

– Not by how many you have led to Christ.

-Not by going to church every service time.

– It is not by title or position or the role you play.

How to attain spiritual maturity

– Desire To Grow

– You Must Maintain The Desire To Grow

– Nourishment, We Need Spiritual Food From God (The Right Word Of God)

– Exercise And Practice

– Time And Practice

– Don’t Become Discouraged

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