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Abode means where a person lives.

Above means heaven. Heaven is the eternal resting place for believers.


There are three heavens:

1) The first heaven: the atmospheric beauty of the creature of God.

2) The second heaven is where the stars shine from.

3) The third heaven is the abode of God. The city of God, the heaven of heavens.  Home of believers.

– Heaven is the dwelling place of Jesus Christ before his reincarnation (John 6:38).

– Heaven is where Jesus Christ ascended to after his resurrection (Luke 24:51). 

– Heaven is a place where God, Christ and unfalling angels, and the spirit of the departed believers are (Hebrew 8:1).

How and who are the citizens of heaven? (Phillipian 3:20).

1)   Christians (Born again) 1 peter 2:11. Abstain from fleshly lusts which war against the soul. Christians have temporary home in the territory ruled by satan, but he is not to subject himself to the God of this world.

2) Have a treasure in heaven instead of on earth (Luke 12:33).

3) Seek the kingdom of God above all else.

4) Be heavenly conscious in all you do to reflect God’s kingdom values. Invest in God and he will invest in you.

5) Realize that God’s blessing for you on earth is to sustain you to live a greater life in heaven.

6) God’s blessing should make you concern of people’s welfare. Life is not determined by your physical possession.

7) Have faith in God.

8) Service.

9) Obedience.

God does not work with your time, he works with his own time (psalms 90:4).

Questions you should ask yourself.

1) Does God’s love touch my wallet?

2) Does my money enable you to help others? (Luke 12:34).



1) All Powers of devil and his evil world and all unbelievers would have been cast into the lake of fire forever.

2) All possibilities of sin would have been expelled.

3) Fellowship in heaven would surpass anything you would have learned on earth Hebrews 12:22-24.

4) Heaven will bring permanent relief from all kind of ailment.

5) In heaven, there will be no more death. Christians don’t die but they translate.

Brethren, believe that the divine record of God has been arranged in time when death itself will die.

6) Heaven is revealed as a place of joyous activities (revelation 22:3).

7) Heaven is a place of rest. A place for the people of God, not a place for dull moment or idleness.

8) A place where Joy and pleasure of our union with Jesus Christ will be unending.

9) Revelation 4:10-11.

10) In heaven we shall be engaged with him who has redeemed us and brought us to our eternal dwelling place.

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