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It is my pleasure to welcome every one of you to a wonderful year. Having come into a new year; it is important that you know the mind of God towards his people in DEEPER FAITH CHRISTIAN ASSEMBLY WORLD-WIDE.

In this year 2020, God wants to reveal His glory in higher and greater dimension in the lives of His people. Do not be frightened or be afraid of the evil ones; as a result of the happenings in our nation; for the Lord, your God is with you and has gone ahead of you to make all things work in your favor. Therefore, hear the Word of God in this year 2020:

  • it shall be to you a year of greater glory- Isaiah 60:1-2
  • We shall serve the lord in good health and prosperity-Exodus 23:25-26.
  • We shall serve the Lord faithfully, and with abundant joy.
  • In this year 2020; the Lord shall take away sicknesses and diseases from our midst.
  • The Lord shall pour out His power upon His obedient children for Greater Glory.
  • There shall be more than enough blessings for all God's children.
  • The Lord shall satisfy all His people with laughter and joy overflow.
  • It is a year of divine protection and abundant grace for easiness from our God.
  • For those that desire to settle down in married; I see God settling you.
  • It is a year of around marital fruitfulness and productivity - Gen 1:28.
  • It is a year of divine breakthrough and acceleration.
  • There shall be no loss of anything Good in our lives-Acts 27:22.
  • In the year 2020, the church (DFCA) shall experience greater glory and numerical increase.
  • There shall be no evil reports in this year 2020.


    Yours in His Vinyard,

    Godwin E.O Otobrise
    Snr. Pastor (DFCA))
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