Deeper Faith Christian Assembly, the name of the Ministry, came by the inspiration of God in the year 2000 AD. The Chief Missioner thought least of ministry work, not to talk of full time commitment to the gospel.

1.          It was a clear revelation with its root in 2Corinthians 5:7 – “For we walk by faith, not by sight” and that if we believe in Him, greater of the works He did we shall do (John 14:12). It is in the revelation that God Himself commanded by instruction that in all we do and undertake we shall continually have His backing and that we should therefore walk by faith and not by sight.

2.          He commanded further in the revelation that He shall defend His integrity in this Ministry to bring to fruition the call upon the Chief Missioner. God clearly committed to the Ministry by carefully putting to bear from His word that “the harvest is truly plenteous but the laborers are few” - Matthew 9:37.

God also emphasized that we must approach Him by faith; greater faith (Matthew 8:10, 15:28, Roms  4:16, 2Cor 5:7, Heb 11:6, Luke 7:9) - not little faith and we should encourage the faithless and move them up in the faith by:

·         Preaching and teaching the word of God unadulterated (word of God not contaminated)

·         Preaching and teaching deeper (greater) faith

·         Preaching and teaching salvation

·         Preaching and teaching freedom (deliverance) from captivity

·         Preaching and teaching prosperity for the Children of God

·         The ultimate is heaven

·         Salvation of our souls

·        Mindful of church culture and tradition, work towards one body for Christ (The Church) and de-emphasize denomination

3.       Taking the shield of faith (Eph. 6:16)

4.       Work of faith with power (2Thess 1:11)

5.       Holding the mystery of faith (1Tim 3:9)

6.       Having faith and take action (James 2:17, 20, 22 & 26)



To build Christians that will reflect the true nature of Jesus Christ irrespective of church denomination.

By divine design, Deeper Faith Christian Assembly is a global dynamic spirit-filled ministry of God, The Most High, called for this end-time revival to impact on our people a Godly heart; in villages and towns, cities, nations, continents and the world over through Church missionary works involving apostolic evangelism, church planting, transformation leadership training and thereby remain a light to the world.


1.       This vision has given birth to the Church and shall continue to motivate the Ministry something to shoot for.

2.       It tells members what to expect

3.       As a bold global vision, it prepares members (people) to succeed

4.       The vision is large enough, such that no one would sit back and say, “we are done, nothing is left to do for God” if Christ tarries

5.       There is room to grow and develop in Godliness

6.       All members have to internalize the vision of the church, just as the vision statement of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Mark 10:45.



To preach the word of God to lead people to heaven



1.          To teach the word of God without adulteration

2.          To win souls for the Kingdom of God

3.          To accomplish this mission and the vision of the church, members/partners are admonished to live a life of   holiness and righteousness

4.          To train, retrain and develop ministers (replication) for the Kingdom of God’s work

5.          Care, assist and give hope to the less privileged – widows/widowers, motherless/fatherless children, the  deprived and other challenged citizens across the world

6.          To minister freedom to those in captivity in strongholds of darkness

7.          To carry out revivals, outreaches, crusades, seminars and conferences within and outside the country; thereby  support missionary activities across the world

8.          To carry out discipleship, ministers replication and transformation leadership for Church growth and development.

9.          Enjoy the promises of God

10.      Ordain and license ministers for the gospel

11.      Any other Godly activities necessary for the accomplishment of the vision and mission of the church – Deeper Faith Christian Assembly.



The concepts & values that prevail and transcend the rank and file the of the leadership, membership, partners and associates define DEEPER FAITH CHRISTIAN ASSEMBLY (DFCA), as a Christian Corporate Body founded on shared values and ethos.

It is expected that all members and partners would internalize these values and work EXTRA hard to safeguard them, maintain and sustain the integrity of the church as a Body of Christ, at all times in their different endeavours.

1.          Serve God with fear

2.          Serve God with honour

3.          Salvation of our souls

4.          Holiness and righteousness

5.          Heavenly conscious

6.          Built on decency, truth, love, care, faithfulness and respect for each other

7.          Build the Body of Christ irrespective of denomination

8.          Ultimate faith and dependence on what God, and ONLY God can do

9.          Holy Spirit is our ONLY source and guide

10.      God, and ONLY God can give Grace for Easiness

11.      Heart for the less privilege

12.      Spirit of winning soul for Christ

13.      Sharing the good news

14.      Obsessed with being Christ “faithfuls” by all standards according the scriptures: fruit of the Spirit.

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