All we need to be saved is to believe in Him (JOHN 3:16).


1)   At a point in your life, come to realize that you are a sinner.

2)   Realize that you need Jesus Christ. After receiving Jesus Christ, confess Him every day.

3)   Examine yourself 'where am i today?' Confess your sins. with this, you have a sense of relieve.

4)   Believe in Jesus Christ more and more. Grow beyond the level you are in Him today.

5)   Follow Him (Matthew 9:9, Matthew 10:1-5).

6)   Keep His commandment (Mark 9:24) They key is believe.

7)   You have to get out of the boat and put your feet to faith. WHAT IS THE BOAT? Your comfort zone.

8)   Get sanctified, do it Jesus Will and get blessed.

9)   Grow beyond living on the milk of infancy. Strengthen what remains (Revelation 3:2).

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